Shehera Mocellin


  • Nutrition and Holistic Health Coach

  • Reiki Master

  • Pranic Healer

  • Breathwork Healer

  • Sound Healer

  • Meditation Teacher

  • ABD in Psychology

  • KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor Level 2

About Me 

Ever since I was a young teenager I knew I wanted to be in the helping field. I thought if I could change one person’s life, I had done my duty on this planet. I set out to study psychology in the hopes of having the tools of making positive change in my practice. All but dissertation, I dropped out of my doctoral program because the theoretical approach that encouraged dependency on a psychologist and didn’t empower the client to explore their own natural ability to heal did not resonate with me. Twenty years ago now, I was writing my dissertation on the mind’s ability to heal the body through yoga, meditation and nutrition. I was told by my director that it was very “new agey” and not a lot research behind the premise. Somehow even at a very young age, I knew that we had the power within to heal ourselves. We simply need to get in touch with what we were never taught and stay connected to our own innate gifts.  

A couple of decades later and a few diversions, I found myself hearing the call again to be of service. But it didn’t come simply as a whisper this time. It was loud, noisy and disruptive. I was in an unhappy marriage with an amazing man, loads of health issues due to hormone imbalances, depression, anxiety, weight gain and a lack of self-esteem soup that brought me to my knees to reevaluate my life and see where I was losing control. 

Shehera Mocellin

But that’s exactly how life works. If you don’t follow your heart’s path, then you will be taken there the hard way. We all eventually get there but some take the longer road like I did.  

Finding our bliss and purpose as a human being is our main purpose of living this life in the bodies we were assigned. Our dreams are in the soul of the universe waiting to be found. The price of following our bliss is always high. We will be tested and there will be many twists and turns but the price of not following our purpose is much higher. I was miserable and unhappy but didn’t know why. My negative thoughts and energy brought on all of my symptoms and illnesses. In retrospect, I see I was lucky. My body was smarter than I was and it was going off like a wild alarm as a wake up call to follow my heart. By being forced to take care of my symptoms, I had to completely change my lifestyle and find my connection to my power once again. I learned to be more intuitive about what my body was asking for, to listen to the call of my heart, to follow my dreams despite the fact that I had to leave the comfortable behind to live the life I was meant to lead. 

Through my own healing journey, I now know that my gift is to help people heal themselves from perceived symptoms of disease. Because I didn’t listen to the first call, I had to live through my symptoms to wake up to my heart’s desires and that is exactly what happens to everyone struggling with any kind of physical, mental or emotional illness. Somewhere, our hearts and actions are not aligned and we are diverted from the path. Believe it or not, illness and disease are gifts from the universe and simply a wake- up call to redirect us on the main path to our bliss and magic within.  

All healing starts from the inside out and is an ongoing process of unlearning most of what we have been taught about health, nutrition, life style and cultivating the relationship with our hearts and our innate divine natures that is all knowing.  Ultimately, this will pave the path to learning new healthier ways to connect to a happier, more fulfilled existence filled with vitality.  

As your holistic health coach and healer, I am committed to supporting you on your journey to health, happiness and radiance.  

xx Shehera Mocellin