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New Moon Celestial Sound Healing Journey

  • believe or leave 1184 South La Brea Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90019 United States (map)

Please join Shehera Mocellin and Taylor Barnes for an intimate evening of tuning into the celestial energies of the powerful New Moon. For this special evening we will be using sacred meditations, manifestation tools (this month we will be working with Emeralds) to anchor in your intentions and ancient sound healing practices to elevate your soul in a dreamlike setting at BOL Meditation. 

You will enter a cosmic sound healing journey created by Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Didgeridoo and other rare instruments. This Celestial New Moon Journey will offer deep healing on a cellular level, cleansing negative energy and emotions, breaking old unwanted patterns of behavior and subconscious fears and resetting the physical, emotional and mental body into perfect peace and harmony.

A powerful New Moon in Taurus will bring opportunity for expansion in business, money and love. This particular New Moon is a wonderful time for bringing in opportunities in all areas of our lives but also for connecting to mother earth, getting grounded and centered in our bodies. It is an immensely powerful time for healing! Uranus will also move into Taurus on same day beginning a new 7 year cycle for all of humanity encouraging us to let go of attachments and step out into the world with more freedom. It is an important to spend time in self-care, grounding, recharging our energies and connecting to higher grids to stay above the lower vibrations.

New Moons in general, are an excellent time to set intentions for new seeds to be nurtured and supported with the stellar energies over the next couple of weeks. In order to fully align with these celestial tidings, receive the light codes and upgrades the universe has in store for us, we invite you on a powerful healing journey for an intentional evening of co-creating your heart’s desires and creating balance and harmony within. You will be guided in ancient rare meditations and breathwork to clear your vessel and allow new light codes to enter and recode you through sacred sounds, light and energy healing.

Benefits of Sound Healing:
Stress Management
Greater Peace & Relaxation
Reduce Anxiety/panic disorders
Strengthen Immune & Nervous System
Balance Chakras
Release Blocked Energy
Eliminate Fears and Phobias
Breaking Subconscious Thought Forms
Increased Creativity
Personal Growth
Harmonious Relationships
Happiness & Joy
Heart Expansion

Please Bring:
-SACRED ITEM FOR THE ALTAR (picture, crystal, mala, etc...)
Space is limited to 20 (we will be keeping it to this number so we can accommodate everyone with extra room, extra love and individual attention)
Love Exchange:
$25 Prepay/ $35 Day of


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