• Weight Loss

  • Physical Toning & Conditioning

  • Optimal Health and Vitality

  • Boost of Energy Levels

  • Clarity of Thought

  • Increased Intuition

  • Flow of Creativity

  • Manifesting your Destiny

Mantra Cycle

Mantra Cycle is a heart pounding and elevating spin class. You are going to get your yoga on, your breathwork on, your meditation on and of course you are going to be doing some chanting to connect to the powerful medium of sound current to get you through the toughest terrains with ease.

I created this class out of my passion for both spin and mantra. In years of doing vigorous yoga exercises chanting mantras always helped me get through the toughest asanas.  I knew the current was aiding me and keeping me in postures or giving me the extra mental conditioning that I needed to be able to overcome any limitations my mind was setting on me.  This flows through every aspect of our lives if we are connected to the sound current. We always have the extra support and strength we need to be carried through if we chose to hop on the wave. 

Mantra Cycle is an incredibly empowering and expansive class which uses the sound current to get you in the best physical, mental and emotional state in just 45 minutes. You will leave feeling like you've had an amazing workout but additionally you will feel expanded, clear and blissed out. 

"Why we cannot make it? Mind is faster than time; the body is subject to time. How to control the time which is so fast? It can be controlled with the sound current. When the tune and the breath become rhythmic, the mind becomes still, and once you still the mind, you make it. " ~ Yogi Bhajan

Every Wednesday at 12:00 Pm

Circuit 45 - 11845 W Olympic Blvd #100, Los Angeles, CA 90064