Food As Medicine

Obesity rates are at epidemic levels, as is diabetes, chronic fatigue, heart disease, chronic inflammation and hormonal imbalances. Food and life style choices are the two main causes.

Food is the most powerful medicine we have available to us to heal disease, reverse aging and transform our health, yet it can also be the source of the most amount of toxins and poisons most people voluntarily consume on a daily basis.

With our frenetic busy life styles and all the conflicting information about which way of eating is best for optimal health, it is no wonder most people have chosen nutrient void convenient food choices that have long term negative consequences in their well-being.

The key to restoring health is minimizing or eliminating the toxic conditions within the mind-body complex. On a practical level, mental peace and love combined with a low-glycemic, high-mineralized, non-acidic, live-food that is predominately plant-based are the key factors that reverse the aging process and reestablish us in vibrant health. 

Some would say you are what you eat, and while that is largely true, I would go as far as saying you are what you digest. Lifelong patterns of eating in an imbalanced way causing disruptions in our ability to digest our foods properly are one of the primary causes of most diseases. Our gut controls 90% of our immune system. Undiagnosed food allergies, due to gut flora abnormalities, are the leading causes of many physical and mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, irritable bowel, fatigue, arthritis, insomnia, autism, weight gain, Fibromyalgia, hormonal disorders, gastrointestinal distress, headaches, MS, cancer and much more. 

My nutrition coaching can be used as a preventative health approach for the average person without any ailments to function optimally, or as a modality for healing or symptom management for anyone suffering with chronic illness or other medical conditions. 

Together we will explore factors such as how to choose nutrient dense foods, proper food combinations for optimal digestability and restoring gut health, finding hidden food allergies or sensitivities, balancing hormones, mindfulness eating, stress reduction techniques and eliminating common everyday chemicals in your foods and environment that may interfere with your success.

Whatever your personal preferences in eating may be, we will explore what is working for you and expand on them and reexamine areas that may be impeding your goals. I’ll support you in making positive changes that fit your needs, preferences and lifestyle.

My end goal for you is not simply optimal health. That is a byproduct of our work together. Because let’s face it, why do you want to be healthy? Is not to perform better at your job so you can excel and succeed in life? Is it not to have the stamina and strength to experience life and travel into your old age? Or to remain young and vibrant lifelong for your mate?

My end goal for you is to be able to reach your full potential as a human being, be in love with life, with yourself and find the ultimate fulfillment of true love that is the main purpose of living on this planet in our human bodies. When we eat in a healthy, harmonious way our ability to attune and commune with our higher self and access the magic within us is enhanced thus magnetizing all that is beautiful in life to us. That is my wish for you!

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." ~ Hippocrates