• Happiness and Joy

  • Greater Peace and Relaxation

  • Optimal Health and Vitality

  • Boost of Energy Levels

  • Clarity of Thought

  • Increased Intuition

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Flow of Creativity

  • Increased Productivity

  • Harmonious Relationships

  • Manifesting your destiny

  • Weight Loss

Healing Through Yoga

Yoga is essentially a relationship, a joining together or union of the individual’s consciousness and infinite consciousness. When you are connected to the infinite source, then you have at your disposal all the awareness and knowledge you need solve your earthly problems including creating better health, having more harmonious relationships and finding your bliss.  

In my own healing journey, I found the most amount of growth through Kundalini Yoga. It is truly the fastest way to establishing an aligned relationship between mind, body and soul. As an enlightenment technique, what can take 20 years to master with other yoga modalities, Kundalini yoga can cut through the layers of psychic, energetic and physical blocks in less than a year. You can rapidly encounter your ego, clear out attachments and reach the light of your soul. As a healing tool for a wide spectrum of ailments including depression, anxiety, chronic pain, grief, memory problems, weight disorders and addictions, healing can occur in as little as one session and you can transform yourself in a mere 40 – 90 days with continued practice. 


We have never been taught how to eat properly, how to digest, how to live and to best take care of our bodies. This lack of education makes us sick, unhappy, speeds aging and keeps us disconnected from our source. Our bodies are our temples and the vehicle to achieve our earthly purpose and thus need to be functioning at their optimal level. Kundalini Yoga teaches techniques to build a strong immunity, nervous system, vital glands, circulation and a keen awareness that will impact our habits in a positive way. Above all, Kundalini yoga develops the neutral mind which understands that life is like a wave and gives us the surfboard to navigate through it with ease, intelligence and grace. Success, happiness, health and prosperity are the results of mastering the mind which has 81 facets and includes the conscious, the subconscious and the superconscious. Kundalini yoga is the most effective way of controlling the many facets of the mind to unleash our soul’s full potential. 

Once the Kundalini energy is activated, its power goes right into the heart and extends the consciousness so that we have a full knowing of our truth. By doing the work, we disentangle ourselves from cycles of insecurity, fear, and self imposed limitations in all areas of our lives. We begin to connect to our limitless nature that is capable of creating anything we wish to have in our lives.  

In working with my clients, I listen to their main areas of concern and curate a program that would best benefit their underlying issues with an intuitive yoga and meditation set that we will practice together in a private session. There will be an initial 30 minute intake session in which we will explore areas of contention and road blocks and a subsequent 90 minute session(s) which will include pranayams (breathing techniques), asanas (yoga postures), chanting mantras, meditations and various forms of sound healing as applicable.  

Feel free to also join me in any of my public group classes listed in the events page which are incredibly powerful and transformative as well. During these classes, I focus on the group consciousness as opposed to the individual.

It is your story and with Kundalini Yoga, you are equipped with the pen, paper and ink to write your masterpiece.  

Sat Nam

"The job of a teacher is not to teach you the truth, because you know the truth. The job of a teacher is to remind you to live the truth. That's all it is. There is nothing you do not know." ~ Yogi Bhajan