What people are saying about working with me and the transformations that have occured in their lives as a direct result of our work together.

I’ve never been to a healer before so I had no idea what to expect, but my friend had been seeing Shehera for a long time and told me to try it. When I first met and had a session with Shehera, I loved her calming and soothing demeanor and ability to talk through concepts and practices in an easy to digest and process way. She’s given me so much strength to tackle some difficult issues in my life and her healing work has definitely helped me let go of the pain and sadness, to make room for love and happiness. I highly recommend Shehera to anyone who wants to feel more powerful, learn about themselves, and let go of things that don’t serve you anymore. She’s an incredible human who is compassionate, radiant, and full of love and knowledge.
— Nikki L. Young
Shehera is pure magic! She is extremely talented with her singing bowls bringing amazing sound baths that take you out of this world, literally! I also highly recommend an energy healing with her. It’s amazing how much lighter you feel after a session with her. Truly one of a kind, always spreading love & light.
— Erin Walsh
We first found Shehara at Anahata Holistic Healing as an alternative to traditional medicine for our ill 3 year old dog. She was fighting multiple health issues including cancer, and the medicines she was prescribed would create as many problems as they ‘solved.’ After working with Shehara, her health began to improve dramatically. The healing energy Shehara creates is palpable, and she teaches you not only how to aide in healing your dog on your own, but in all aspects, including diet which greatly changed our dog’s health as well. She may occasionally have flare-ups, but we now know how to deal with them, and our dog is the healthiest she’s ever been, sans any negative medicine.

After she changed my dog’s life, I sought her out for healings as well, and her work has been one of the most transformative opportunities in my life. Shehara is beyond kind, gracious, and incredibly giving. A true blessing to all she meets and I am so grateful to know her. I cannot recommend her enough.
— Ali West
Shehera has filled my world with pure love, light, happiness, and empowerment. My entire universe shifted for the better after meeting her.

As my beloved teacher, mentor, and healer, she is always there to support me whenever I needed it. Her incredible power and energy has been deeply healing and profoundly transformative. I am able to overcome multiple challenges with resilience and ease thanks to her extraordinary presence, guidance, and support.

I am eternally thankful to Shehera for being part of my journey toward healing and enlightenment. For anyone interested in embracing and enhancing self discovery, inner peace, and inner strength, I would highly recommend working with Shehera to accelerate your progress in achieving your goals.
— Yvonne Wang
Shehera is truly a blessing. I have been working with her for over a month now and she has helped me tremendously with some energetic sadness I was dealing with. I always leave her feeling fully blissed out and zen. Very grateful to have found her and to be able to work with her.
— Amanda Azarian
I’ve tried a handful of energy healing and reiki specialist over the years and Shehera is now the only person I’d ever recommend to friends & family. She is highly educated and knows what she’s doing. She listens well and then makes a tailored treatment every time I see her. This is VERY important to me.

She is truly gifted and has been a lifesaver - emotionally and physically!! I can feel it even while she is working on me. sometimes I swear she’s touching me, but then I open my eyes to take a peek (I’m a curious patient) and her hands are several inches away from my body. This never ceases to amaze me! After several appointments with shehera, I can tell you that she is one of the warmest, most intuitive and dedicated practitioners I’ve ever met... In any field! I feel so lucky to have found shehera and pray she never leaves Los Angeles because I never want to see anyone else for this type of therapy.

I confidently recommend her!
— Dani Balestrini
I’ve had a few sessions with Shehera throughout the years and the one constant is that she keeps getting stronger and stronger. More and more powerful in her abilities, technique and practice! A true healing Goddess!
— Brian Parker
I feel so grateful to have met Shehera. Her caring and loving nature has brought so much peace and love back into our lives. She was referred to us by a friend initially for our yorkie, Lily’s, chronic digestive problems. She helped heal her symptoms in a very short period of time with energy healings and diet recommendations. Seeing her work and loving nature, we were all drawn to work with her.
She is now our family’s healer and coach.
— Nicole Adams
Shehera is very intuitive and insightful with an innate knowing that connects a multitude of healing modalities to bring harmony back into your life. I’ve been going to her for energy healings and spiritual coaching for over a year, and I can honestly say she has changed my life in remarkable ways.
— Helen Ross
Absolutely something that needs to be in everyone’s life. The healing I received from Shehera was incredible, powerful, and not at all what I had thought - my healing was much more emotional than I had anticipated - and opened up so many ideas of things to not only work on, but also to let go of. I felt it was a huge beginning of bigger internal power and realization as well as a release. Shehera made me feel like she had all the time in the world for me during the healing. Truly remarkable experience. I will be putting Shehera and Anahata Holistic Healing in my wellness routine from here on out.
— Erin Hawley
Shehera is a beautiful person inside and out! After treatments from Shehera, I am back on my feet and feeling so much better - mind, body, and soul. I feel balanced, calm, peaceful, open, grounded and loved. She is a powerful healer and practitioner of all things of light and love. Her intuitive nature and loving spirit let her gifts shine through. I am so blessed to know her and my life if so much better. I highly recommend her.
— Vikki Corrow
I am not the kind of person who writes reviews or necessarily has a holistic approach to anything. I was feeling very stuck in my life and Shehera kept encouraging me in her loving manner to have a spiritual healing session. I reluctantly agreed and was about as pessimistic as any one person could be going in. I don’t meditate, I don’t do yoga and I am not a particularly spiritual kind of guy. It was one of the best experiences I have had. Afterward I felt whole and complete in a way that I haven’t before. Shehera was absolutely wonderful and exudes a sense of calm and peace. She is amazing. I no longer am stuck and the healing created a shift within my soul. If you would have told me months ago that I would be writing a review on my spiritual healing I would have thought you were crazy but here I am... that’s the power of Shehera and her teachings and healings. Who knew? I will definitely be going back. I told my therapist about my experience and he said of course it works and helps. I may just he trading in therapy for this very powerful spiritual healing and the nurturing love and support of Shehera.
— Rick Kotowicz
Whether you’ve had many Reiki experiences or are looking to explore the practice, after working with Shehera you’ll see things in a new light, literally. She’s welcoming, warm and most importantly clearly a master. I would and do recommend her to anyone and everyone.
— Corey Gehrt
o matter what place you are on your life, the presence of Shehera will enlighten you. She has a natural calmness about her. Very open, patient, warm, a great listener and really taps into your soul. I think about my experience with her often and try to always tap into that place that she helped me get to. I would recommend this healing experience for everyone - it’s one of a kind! Can’t wait to go back
— Ashley Ragnone
So much love for Shehera at Anahata Holistic Healing!

Shehera is one of a kind - an incredible soul full of pure light, warmth and patience. When you’re around her, you instantly feel the gentle, loving and kind energy that emanates from her. She is intuitive and insightful, and has a natural wisdom that stems from a place of experience and curiosity. I’ve been going to her for one on one breath-work meditation classes and healings for almost a year, and I can easily say she has changed my life in remarkable ways. She genuinely cares about her patients’ well-being. I highly recommend her to those looking for a holistic approach to finding relief from whatever it is that is ailing you; physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally. Wherever you are in your life, you will benefit from her offerings.
— Alexandra Sabella
I had hit an all time low with my weight, my health and my marriage. Shehera taught me principles and practices that I will be implementing for life. She helped me achieve goals I didn’t think were achievable. This was not just a meal plan, it was a lifestyle. I reached my goal weight, my health improved, and I learned to deal with the stresses of my marriage through tools and prayers, that I will have forever. Shehera customized her sessions to cater to my personal needs, she was patient, understanding and motivating. She was overall amazing. I am forever thankful!!
— Gabrielle Garcia
Shehera was and continues to be such a blessing in my life. My experience with her was beyond incredible. She is truly a special human being with incredible abilities. The Reiki treatment she did on me was unlike any other Reiki or spiritual experience I’ve ever done. She made me feel super comfortable and explained what she would be doing before we started, answering any questions I had. The experience brought me so much insight and peace as well as a very clear sense of issues I needed to work through with myself to get to a healthier place. I friend of mine recently had a healing with Shehera and she too had one of, if not the most incredible spiritual experience of her life. I HIGHLY recommend Shehera and her healing abilities. She is truly an angel and will bring so much peace to your life.
— Lindsay Crandell
Shehera is truly a remarkable healer. From the very second I met her, I felt her true genuine and loving energy. She embodies the spirit of a goddess and carries herself so. So kind, gentle, and strong at the same time. I have gone to several of her healing sessions using sound therapy and breathwork but this time around I had the pleasure of a private session and it was incredible... you have no idea how revealing and healing it was all at once. A mind/body elevation on a whole other cosmic level. It was amazing. Ugh. So good. I’m still buzzing off this and I feel GREAT. Thank you so much Shehera for your magnetic energy and being an instrument of healing and love on my journey of self-evolution.
— Angie Wong